How to Use USCIS Forms For Investors

If you are looking to come to the United States of America for a short term or long term period of time, you are going to need to use US CIS forms. The problem that most foreigners come across is that they are unsure which CIS form they need to fill out for their intended visa. There are many different forms of visas dependent on your reason for entering the USA thus there are many different CIS forms available. This will focus on two types of investor visas: E-2 and EB-5.

First of all, a great place to find US CIS forms is the website for USCIS. Here you can also find a plethora of free information including the forms which you can download, print and fill out. Never pay for these forms as every one of them is available to you for free. The next step is to determine what type of visa you are going to apply for. For example if you are an investor, you may want to look into either an E-2 or EB-5 visa. There are different requirements for both visas that you need to look into so you do not spend the time and money applying just to be denied.

The main requirements of an E-2 visa are that your business has a substantial amount of revenue (looking at around $100,000), you will provide the American economy with a great amount of money and you also must be from a country which has the proper commerce treaty with the USA. If you meet these requirements then you may qualify for an E-2 visa. The CIS forms that you will likely need are DS-160 and DS-156E. Please be aware that additional forms may be required of you as well as additional testing depending on your circumstances.

As for the EB-5 visa, the main requirement is that you have to have an investment of $1 million dollars unless the targeted area is high in unemployment or is rural then the investment can be as low as $500,000. The other big requirement is that your company will provide or save at least 10 American jobs either directly or indirectly. Basically, your investment in the company must be able to help the company to provide a positive impact to the American economy. In order to apply for the EB-5 visa you likely need to fill out form I-526.

Now that you know what US CIS forms are needed in order to apply for an investor visa, take the time to do additional research on both the E-2 and EB-5 visa. The distinguishing factor in the requirements between these two investor visas is the actual investment amount. So decide what the best option for you is and get started on the application process. It can take several weeks for an application to be approved so give yourself enough time before you actually need it. Do not waste any more time; you have all the resources at your fingertips so print your forms today.